Insights from the 2024 Bioscience Roadmap Progress Panel
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Insights from the 2024 Bioscience Roadmap Progress Panel

Bridging the Future of MedTech in Arizona

The 2024 Bioscience Roadmap Progress Report Panel, organized by the Flinn Foundation and moderated by Wes Gullett of the Partnership for Economic Innovation, highlighted what is driving growth in MedTech. Panelists, including Ayushi Patel of CenSyn, Alex Tessmer of Ideation and BD, and Dr. Mark Van Dyke from the University of Arizona, emphasized the state's potential for growth and underscored the importance of collaboration between academia, industry, and healthcare to streamline research and development.

The discussion also delved into the pivotal role of initiatives like the WearTech Center in nurturing innovation and reducing barriers for emerging healthcare technologies. With a robust focus on accelerating MedTech commercialization, Arizona continues to establish itself as a vibrant hub for advanced bioscience solutions.