Wearable Technology Products that Show Arizona’s Approach to Innovation Works

Wearable Technology Products that Show Arizona’s Approach to Innovation Works

Arizona's Latest Wearable Technology is Reshaping Health, Safety, and Stress Relief

The Partnership for Economic Innovation's WearTech Applied Research Center is driving health tech innovation and propelling economic growth in Arizona. Through the support of public-private partnerships, the AZ WearTech Center has accelerated the development of innovative wearable technology projects such as GoX Labs' PhenEx exoskeleton, Movement Interactive's Hiji Band, and Touchpoints' Thodian.

GoX Labs' PhenEx exoskeleton addresses workplace safety by offering a quasi-active exoskeleton. The sensor technology and spring elements in PhenEx activate precisely when needed, reducing the risk of injuries while maintaining natural motion. Movement Interactive's Hiji®Band is a wearable that detects potential head impacts, ensuring safety for athletes and soldiers. TouchPoint Solution's Thodian Stones introduce the world's first AI-powered stress-relieving devices. These wearables use BLAST® Technology and AI advancements for rapid stress reduction, improved sleep, and enhanced focus through real-time biometric monitoring and closed-loop functionality.

These projects showcase Arizona's commitment to collaborative, innovative, and interdisciplinary solutions. As wearable technology gains global prominence, Arizona, with the support of the WearTech Center, leads the charge toward a bright, wearable future, revolutionizing workplace safety, athlete protection, and stress management.

This article was originally published in AZ Big Media. Find the article here.