WearTech Applied Research Center Leads Fall Risk Technology to Major Acquisition
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WearTech Applied Research Center Leads Fall Risk Technology to Major Acquisition

Public-private investments facilitated by the WearTech Applied Research Center brings MyACTome’s fall prevention technology to HOPCo’s portfolio of musculoskeletal care tools.

We are proud to announce the acquisition of MyACTome by Healthcare Outcomes Performance Company (HOPCo). MyACTome, a member of our WearTech Applied Research Center's third cohort, provides personalized fall risk assessments, empowering patients and clinicians with real-time data.

"This acquisition adds another innovative technology to our digital patient assessment and analytics tool kit to positively impact patient safety and outcomes," said Marc Jacofsky, Chief Scientific Officer at HOPCo. MyACTome's integration into HOPCo's digital health offerings promises enhanced patient engagement and customized care pathways.

The WearTech Center facilitated MyACTome's journey from ideation to market acquisition. Thurmon Lockhart, project lead for MyACTome, credits the WearTech Center's support in accelerating product research and development, enabling the validation of MyACTome's technology and its subsequent acquisition by HOPCo.

Lockhart's personal motivation to address fall risk, inspired by his father's struggles, underscores MyACTome's commitment to merging individualized care with innovative MedTech solutions. With ongoing support from the WearTech Center, Lockhart continues to refine MyACTome's technology, aiming to further enhance fall detection rates and develop additional devices to measure muscle activity, ultimately advancing Arizona's healthcare technology landscape.