State of Innovation

Session 2 - WearTech Applied Research Panel

Kathleen Lee of PEI talks to innovators and leaders in applied research for wearable technology on how to best scale the industry

Kathleen Lee, PEI’s Director of Applied Research Centers, leads a panel of wearable health innovators developing life-changing products in Arizona, including: Dr. Joseph Hitt, CEO of GoX Labs, Vicki Mayo, CEO & Founder of TouchPoint Solution, Dr. Jennifer Blain Christen, Director of the BioElectrical Systems & Technology Lab at Arizona State University and Dr. Zach Lerner, Assistant Professor of Engineering at Northern Arizona University and Co-Founder and CTO of BiOMOTUM.

Launched fall 2019 in Phoenix's vibrant biomedical district, WearTech Applied Research Center connects entrepreneurs and companies seeking to develop next-generation health and human performance technology with world-class research teams working at the forefront of wearable, biomedical innovation.