State of Innovation

Session 4 - ASU's Science & Technology Centers

Dr. Sally Morton of ASU discusses how Science and Technology Centers pave the way for long term economic growth with leading researchers and innovators in Arizona

Dr. Sally Morton, Executive Vice President of the ASU Knowledge Enterprise, discusses ASU's New Economy Initiative and Science and Technology Centers (STCs) with a panel of educators including: Kyle Squires, Ph.D., Dean & Vice Provost, Fulton Schools of Engineering, Zachary Holman, Ph.D., Associate Professor, School of Electrical, Computer & Energy Engineering and a current ASU Student, Nicole Swatton, an undergraduate former NASA Photovoltaics intern in the School of Electrical Computer & Energy Engineering.

STCs are connecting ASU faculty with global industry leaders to identify workforce and technology needs, develop training programs and create long-term partnerships that position Arizona as the next talent and innovation hub for industry.