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AZ WearTech Startup in Residence Hoolest Performance Technologies Launches National Clinical Trial

Fast-Acting Anxiety Treatment Seeking FDA Approval

Image: Partnership for Economic Innovation

Phoenix, Arizona- Hoolest Performance Technologies, a startup focused on neurotechnologies designed to enhance mental health and human performance, announced that its newest technology has reached a new milestone with the launch of a clinical trial seeking FDA approval. Hoolest, with support from the Arizona WearTech Applied Research Center has developed the P57 ONE, a non-invasive electrical nerve stimulation device for the treatment of anxiety and other medical conditions. The device was specifically designed to provide fast-acting anxiety relief for anyone looking for an effective drug-free solution.

“284 million people in the world have an anxiety disorder. Medication continues to be the first line of defense because available drug-free solutions to manage anxiety are simply ineffective for many people. The problem with medication is that it impairs your mind, and you are unable to perform tasks at a high level, whether you are an athlete, a business leader, a student, or a working mother. People with anxiety need an effective drug-free, fast-acting solution that can be used whenever they need it,” said Nick Hool, CEO and Co-Founder of Hoolest Performance Technologies.

Learn more about the transformative technology being developed at Arizona WearTech Applied Research Center at KTAR.

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