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Pipeline AZ Officially Launches Online Career Site to Maricopa County

Revolutionizing the Way Job Seekers and Companies Connect, Pipeline AZ is a Community-Built Initiative that is Bolstering Maricopa County’s Fast-Paced Job Market

Pipeline AZ, a robust career exploration tool funded by the Maricopa County Industrial Development Authority, has officially launched in the Arizona market. Dedicated to keeping top talent in the state, Pipeline AZ focuses on connecting our community of job seekers with local pathways to education or directly to employment that specifically matches personal skills and interests.

The regionally created job search platform provides real-time labor market information and insights, and uncovers options that allow people to make better decisions about their career. Using skills latticing, Pipeline AZ seamlessly connects job seekers, career counselors, educational institutions and government entities to improve employment opportunities and outcomes in Arizona. Pipeline AZ helps Arizonans transform their lives by empowering them to explore their passions, obtain necessary skills and secure a role in their desired field.

“We want our community investments to have a wide and lasting impact,” said MCIDA Executive Director Shelby Scharbach. “In many cases, the programs we are funding through community grants will be feeding Pipeline AZ, providing users of all incomes and backgrounds a single place to access support services such as career training and additional education.”

Unlike typical job boards and staffing companies that facilitate job placements on a transactional basis, Pipeline AZ helps job seekers find their passions and supplement their education based on each applicant’s personal interests and skills. Using intelligent matching, this online tool connects candidates with employers in Arizona that are looking for their specific skill set.

By bringing together the community workforce stakeholder groups such as career counselors, educators and government entities, Pipeline AZ helps Arizonans transform their lives and make more informed decisions by empowering them to explore local opportunities to fulfill their passions, obtain necessary skills, and secure a role in their desired field of interest while filling vital employment gaps in the County.

“Pipeline AZ was created to keep top talent in Greater Phoenix, facilitate faster placement for high-growth businesses, and simplify the job-search process for job seekers,” said Katherine Pappas, Pipeline AZ Director. “From a skills translator for our veterans looking to transition to civilian life, to our ability to match students with jobs that fit their career goals, to tools that assist those looking to rescale or upscale, this is a true community initiative.”

Pipeline AZ provides a wealth of support and services to job seekers. Starting with assessments to gauge an applicant’s skills and interests, the platform will then present customized results based on the data entered, focusing on career results that are projected to have high demand in Maricopa County. Job seekers are shown industries and specific job opportunities for which they match the job requirements. The platform also provides a case manager for each applicant (upon request), who can suggest specific steps for bridging gaps between their current skill set and required skills for their desired job. Pipeline AZ provides access to educators, mentors, and internships when needed.

Brian Fischer, COO of Futures Inc., a technology partner of Pipeline AZ stated, “Pipeline AZ is set up to be the most successful solution of its kind. They are uniquely positioned to be the Switzerland that is the connective tissue between job seekers, industry and schools. No one in the country trying to solve workforce development challenges, connects everyone in the community the way Pipeline AZ does. We are excited and honored that Futures can be their technology partner.”

Ultimately, the system is built to streamline the hiring process and fill jobs more quickly. With Pipeline AZ, job seekers don’t have to feel alone in their job search, or worry whether their résumé will ever be seen by a hiring manager. At the same time, employers see a crop of applicants that are pre-qualified from the beginning. That combination is not only a positive for the employers and job seekers, but by keeping top talent in the region, it’s a win for the state of Arizona.

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