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A few years ago, the co-founders of Tuft & Needle penned a three-thousand word essay about why they chose to move their business and headquarters to metro Phoenix. They had been living the California dream – they had ideated their company over a conversation at a coffee shop in Silicon Valley, and it grew fast. But when it was time to take their company to scale, something was off, and after reflection, they decided to pack up and move to Phoenix.

After doing so, they soon realized the benefits of working and living in the growing metropolitan: the lower cost of living and doing business, the quality of life, diversity, an untapped food scene, and residents who are able to enjoy a work-life balance. For economic developers, this was more than an essay, it was a great love letter to the region more than 4.5 million people call home, and where business and industry is thriving.

For those dedicated to the long term success of the Greater Phoenix region, the vision is to keep this love alive. Everything referenced in their essay rang true to those who know and love metro Phoenix. But it is also true that we have so much untapped potential in our young region. We rightfully shout it from the rooftops that Arizona State University is the number 1 most innovative university in the country. We show up to press conferences and ribbon cuttings announcing business expansions to the market, and the new jobs that come with.

But, what if. What if we have barely scratched the surface of the greatness that is Greater Phoenix. What if more of our small and medium sized companies exported. What if more people felt supported enough to start their own companies. What if we led the country in innovation and research center output. What if we set the standard for a connected workforce.

What if we gather as a community, a community of business and education leaders, determined to take the metro Phoenix region to the next level. The Partnership for Economic Innovation is committed to convening these leaders, and committed to working with decision makers to influence policies that will lead to a region centered around global connectivity, an enhanced entrepreneurial ecosystem, and innovation.

What is your vision for Greater Phoenix? Share on your social channels with #WhatIfPHX.

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